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The bond between a mother and child is supposed to be the strongest bond that exists and it is said to be unbreakable. It is generally accepted that babies bond with their mother while in-utero and even before being born know the sound of their mother’s voice. In recent years, skin-to-skin contact with mom immediately after being born has been highly encouraged and in many cases mom and baby get to room-in together at the hospital instead of baby being taken to a newborn nursery. However, many people who promote the importance of these acts of bonding and attachment with the mother will also deny that babies separated from their mother at birth, due to adoption, are affected in anyway. That a baby can’t remember what happens to it at such a young age or even know who their mother is, despite this being scientifically proven over and over again. Even for the ones who do understand the effects of mother-baby separation, some still believe that these effects are easily overcome by the love of another mother or that being put into “better” circumstances is more important than preserving the bonds of family. But this is simply just not true. Mothers and families are not interchangeable and mother-baby separation has long-term physiological effects for both mom and child.

Here is a poem that I wrote last year about how no what what the reason is for adoption or when it took place or how wonderful the adoptive parents are or how great the life may be, we ARE affected by adoption…still.

A poem by Jamie Weiss

I was adopted at 5 days old
Adoption still affected me
I was adopted into a loving home
Adoption still affected me
I had amazing adoptive parents
Adoption still affected me
I had an awesome extended family
Adoption still affected me
I had great friends
Adoption still affected me
I married a wonderful husband and had two beautiful children
Adoption still affected me
I reunited with my biological family
Adoption still affected
I have lived a life full of love
Adoption still affected me
And it always will

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