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As an adoptee, when you hear that phrase “Blood is thicker than water” it definitely makes you wonder where that leaves you. Everyone in your adoptive family shares something with each other that you can never share with them… blood.

Thank goodness my family never made me feel less than, but the fact that you don’t share their DNA is always lurking in the shadows and just waiting to jump out and remind you. Like at the holidays when everyone is comparing the the newest baby’s features to grandma’s or looking at old pictures and seeing that being tall runs in the family but you’re short or seeing that you’re loud and boisterous in a very shy and quiet family or having someone tell you how much you look like your mom because they assume you are biologically hers but you don’t look a thing alike.

Then one day when you do find your biological family, you’re still the one on the outside because they all share something that you don’t… history.

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  1. This is absolutely spot on Jamie! Always wondering where we fit in. No matter how much love you may or may not have, you will never share blood with the adoptive family and you lost out on all the prior history with the biological family. It amazes me how hard it is for the rest of the non adoptive world to understand this.


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