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Worth It

Pouring your heart out for all to read puts you in a very vulnerable place. Especially as an adoptee who is prone to people-pleasing in order to avoid rejection. I over think every single word in hopes that I am truly conveying my thoughts and feelings in a way that is relatable, engaging, and thought provoking and that will bring awareness to the truths of adoption that are not often discussed. Sometimes these realities are not well accepted because they are in opposition to the prevailing beliefs that exist about adoption and the propaganda that has been spread by the adoption industry for decades. Most commonly the push-back comes from those hoping to adopt, adoptive parents, and adoption industry workers. It is absolutely disturbing the way some people will defend the industry at all costs and they can get pretty horrendous with their comments and the way they will speak to adoptees who are sharing their experiences and truth! I’ve wondered a few times if its even worth it to open myself for being belittled and vilified, but time and time again I’m reminded that God has given me a purpose in this.

“I always hope and pray that my words will have an impact, but many times wonder if anyone is even listening.”

A few weeks ago, just as we had come out of National Adoption Awareness Month in November and most adoptee advocates, including myself, were pretty battered and bruised from the storm that the month brings, I received one of those reminders that puts it all in perspective. I had just finished working when I looked at my phone to see a text from a friend that said: “Thank you for your posts about adoption. I am pregnant and was exploring and considering adoption at one point but your perspective as an adult adoptee helped me to consider the long-term emotional health effects. I am excited to welcome and raise my baby! Love your bravery and heart.”


I always hope and pray that my words will have an impact, but many times wonder if anyone is even listening. To know that sharing my story is truly helping to change someone else’s…

Worth it.

(Note: Text message edited to remove extraneous details and identifying information for privacy.)

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  1. Jamie, Keep writing! People do care about adoption issues and personal life experiences. Behind every adoption story there is a book or a movie to be told. Libraries are a great invention but those who don’t read have no advantage over those who can’t.

    I shared the same feelings of doubt in the beginning. My story was personal, I wasn’t sure sharing it with strangers was a good idea, but after telling my adoption reunion story to friends and family around campfires and dinner tables many times I was strongly encouraged to record my journey in writing to share with a larger audience. I am happy to report that my book “Adoption Detective” has now reached readers in 192 countries, proving that adoption issues really do resonate with people of all ages, in every culture, around the globe. Judith

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